How To Make Your House Smell Clean And Fresh

Love this idea!While doing some cleaning the other day,I picked up my Shark Steamer and thought why not place a few drops of Young Living’s Purification Essential Oil.Wow how nice that was steamer the floors whole diffusing the house!!


Purification Oil Item No.3399

It deodorizes and neutralizes the air.

I think I will try Young Living’s Christmas Spirit for the holidays

Christmas Spirit Oil Item No.3315

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Thieves Household Cleaner



Doctor Oz was talking about on his show today about cleaning a natural way.His suggestion was Rosemary Oil and distilled water.I use Young Living Oils Thieves Household Cleaner.

I will take my Thieves Essential Oil and distilled water to make my own as well.The house smells so good!!

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Premium Starter Kit

I would like to welcome Andie Pruitt to the Young Living Essential Oil Family!

She received her Premium Starter Kit!!!

With the help of her baby they opened her box together!

Premium Starter Kit
Premium Starter Kit

What’s In The Premium Starter Kit?

1-Home Diffuser

10-Top selling oils in the Everyday Oils Kit:

5ml.bottles of Lavender,Lemon,Joy,Frankincense,

Peppermint,Thieves,Purification,PanAway,Valor,Peace &Claming

1-SEED Booklet

1-Stress Away Oil 5ml

1-Aromaglide Filament

2-Lavender Samples

2-Peppermint Samples

2-Peace&Calming Samples


2-Thieves Samples

2-NingXia Red 2oz.Sample

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Moisturizing Lip Balm Collection

Delivered in a beautiful gift box ready for the holidaysIMG_20141024_110658025

comes with Vanillamint,Grapefruit and Lavender

packed with potent essential oils,are also included to prevent dry lips and keep them moist and supple.

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