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Healthy Pancakes with Young Living Oils


One of my passions is I love to cook.I am one of those who isn’t afraid to get in the kitchen

and start creating.Although this recipe isn’t mine I had to share it.The only thing I changed was

I was out Young Living Tangerine oil so I used Lemon instead.While cooking these pancakes,

my family said it smells awesome in here what are you cooking? Cooking with my Young Living

Oils is a winner for me as I cook I’m diffusing as well.To top off the pancakes I got out my

Gary’s True Grit Ningxia Berry Syrup From Young Living essential oils.Yum! We have winner!

2 Scoops Young Living Power Meal or Balance Complete

2 eggs ( or substitute with egg whites)

1/4 cup Young Living Ningxia Red

1/3 cup Ground Flax

1 drop Young Living Ocotea Oil

3 drops young Living Tangerine/ Lemon oil

1/8 Redman Salt

1 Dropper Young Living Stevia Extract

Whip the ingredients. Add more Ningxia for moisture if needed

Give them a try!!!!!!


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