Homemade Vegetable Soup Using Young Living Essential Oil

Who doesn’t love a big pot of homemade soup!

Well I have a winner every time with my family


Today was one of those soup days.

I was gathering everything I wanted in my soup including the kitchen sink…hehe

One of my favorite things to put in my soups is herbs….I usually have fresh right from

my garden.My back up is my dried herbs,well I struck out both places

What to do?

Then I saw my Young Living Essential Oils!

I grabbed my Basil Oil,Marjoram Oil,Oregano Oil,and Thyme Oil

Two drops of each and wow! My house smells awesome.

Having those oils turned my soup into a masterpiece!

Im going to order the other culinary oils for the future

check out these products on my website:


For this soup I sauté onions,garlic and celery in tbs olive oil.

Added vegetable stock to the pot.This soup was a quick fix with a bag of mixed veggies

Put the drops of Young Living Essential Oils.

One can of black beans and one can of white beans

two cans of organic petite tomatoes.


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