Mosquito’s Bugging You?

Here is an all natural repellant that even smells good and safe for babies,pets and you.

I bought a 140z bottle of Witch Hazel

Witch hazel is an astringent that is used for facial cleanser,helps soothe and relieve minor irritations

I opened the witch hazel and added the following  Young Living Essential Oils

I put 20 drops of Citronella

15 drops of Lavender

20 drops of Lemongrass

Combine all together,place in a spray bottle.I filled up 3 bottles and handed out to my family

Shake before use



My son in law took his bottle to the beach.

When he got back he told me how well it worked.He had to use it more often,but he would rather use that

and not spray chemicals on.He said Ill take another bottle please!

You can purchase these oils on my website


Sign up as a distributor(whole sale) receive 24% off


I also use my Essential Oils Pocket Reference Book.


It has other helpful recipes like this one.

I purchased mine on Amazon.com

or http://www.LifeSciencePublishers.com





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