NingXia Red

NingXia Red
NingXia Red


NingXia Red

Powerful SUPERFRUIT supplement,energizes,fortifies,and revitalizes the body and mind.This proprietary blend,featuring pure essential oils,antioxidant- packed WOLFBERRY  PURÉE,and other vitamin- rich fruits,supplies the body with vital antioxidants and phytonutrients. A super blend of blueberry,aronia,cherry,pomegranate,and plum juices,natural Stevia Extract,grape seed extract,pure vanilla extract,and Orange,Yuzu,Lemon and Tangerine Essential oils.

How to use: Drink 2fl.oz 2 times a day
NingXia Red comes in:

2pk,4 pk,6pk,8pk


*Also Singles*

NingXia Red 60ml Singles 30 Pack W'Sale $99.75

Each box has: 30,60,or 90 individual

and also combo packs,whatever fits your life style!!!


Check out Heathers Butcher’s video!


follow my link below!


*This product in not intended to diagnose,treat,cure,or prevent disease*


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