Wolfberry Bites O’ Heaven

So excited to finally get to make these pretty little jewels!


These are mine.I used Cinnamon Bark Essential Oil


These delicious bites are made with Young Living’s NingXia dried wolfberries and Blue Agave.

Need an energy boost for a long day?Try this recipe.From Young Living Platinum Jan Zerr


1 cup cacao nibs

1 cup Young Living’s NingXia wolfberries

1 cup hemp seeds

3/4 cup coconut butter

2 tablespoons Young Living’s Blue Agave

Dash of salt

Dash of vanilla extract or 1 vanilla bean

2 drops of Young Living essential oil of your choice(See recommended essential oils below)

Recommended essential oils: Lemon,Cinnamon Bark,Clove,Orange,Tangerine


1 .Place all ingredients in a food processor except for the cocao nibs and hemp seeds.Process until completely broken down into small pieces.

2. Add the cocao nibs and hemp seeds into the process.The cacao nibs should break down to about half their size.The hemp seeds should be visible

3. Form into bite-sized balls with small ice cream scoop,place on a baking sheet,and refrigerate until firm

*This recipe was originally featured in the January 2014 issue of the Essential Edge news*

To order your NingXia wolfberries( dried) and Essential oils follow my link:






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