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Play Dough Made By Laina

Lets make play dough! I love doing crafts with my grand daughter. We always have some much fun together. In the kitchen we go!

I made the dough while she picked her Young Living Essential Oils. She loves her oils!

I have to share this, she is always looking at the product guide picking out what she wants.Love it!

Here is the recipe I used


Here is another recipe from Young Living’s Blog.I would use this one for younger children.You know kids they will try to eat it.If your concerned about the dyes, here is a link to natural food colors


What a great way to spend the day with my grand daughter. She really got  into it. “Maw maw watch me squish the dough”.  “Can I put the oils in”? I look into those eyes, ” of course you can”

Here are a few pictures of our day making play dough

These are the Young Living Essential Oils she choose for her play dough

Orange, Jade Lemon ,Spearmint, and Lavender

Check out the virtual catalog and pick the oils you want for your play dough

Always remember to have fun!

If your wanting to order,follow my sign up link on my blog or

got to my website

Missy Pruitt



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