Raw Cocoa Coconut Haystacks

When I saw this recipe with the name haystacks and had to stop and read it.

I live on a small farm with haystacks in my barn…lol.This recipe is easy for anyone to put together. It took me only  20 minutes.

Here Is The Recipe I used :


I used Young Living’s  Orange essential oil -5 drops   (Item No. 3602 )

My husband loves chocolate and orange together,  so have fun with it !  Try peppermint or cinnamon bark!

I also used Young Living’s NingXia Wolfberries (Dried) ( Item No. 6360 )

For the NingXia Wolfberries ( Dried )  I put about a cup of them in a bowl of cool water to hydrated for 10 minutes. Placed all the other ingredients in a large bowl and begin mixing.

Strained the wolfberries,  then put in the mix. With my hands I placed them on a baking sheet with parchment paper then put them in the freezer for 30 mins. They need to be refrigerated or in freezer. Use your creativity. Try other fruits, nuts,other seeds.Go wild!!

Kids will have fun making them too !

Always use therapeutic grade oils if you intend to eat them

Enjoy this treat!


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