DIY Salt Scrubs Using Young Living Essential Oils

It is easy and fun to make your own skin care products. Tired of rough feet? How about rough skin on your body? These scrubs can be customized to fit your needs. you can make it whatever scent you desire. Now if was as easy to get someone to apply these to you… maybe a little massage in the process. I get my husband to help me sometimes when he can( I’ve trained him pretty well)

Don’t you love getting handmade gifts from your loved ones? They feel special like they were made with you in mind

With the holidays sneaking up,why not make your family and friends a special gift made by you.

Look how pretty!


Body or Foot Scrub Recipe :  All you need is Epsom salt , essential oils ( I use Young Living ) and carrier oil of your choice. In my recipes I used Grape seed oil. Jojoba oil , almond oil , and even olive oil are great to use. If you don’t have salts on hand you can also make these with sugar!

• 1 cup of Epsom Salt

• 1/3 cup of Grape Seed oil , ( that’s I what had on hand )

• 10 to 15 drops of  essential oil  ( I used Rosemary and Peppermint)

• Mix it all together and put in a air tight container

I put mine in little mason jars and dress them up, which I love to do.

• Bath Salts Recipe

• 1 cup of Epsom Salt

• 1/2 cup Baking Soda

• 10 to 15 drops of essential oil ( I like to make mine for relaxing , so I used Stress Away,Lavender,Valor )

Mix it up and there you go! See how easy that was.

Have fun with it !

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Thank you, Missy





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