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NingXia Red Popsicles With Laina

I love it when my little love bug comes over and she is ready to be in my kitchen.

Today she made NingXia Red popsicles  all by herself . Here is the recipe :

•  1/2 Cup water

•  1 cup NingXia Red

• 2 drops Orange Vitality essential oil

Directions :

Combine all ingredients and divide equally between ice pop molds, leaving about 1/4 inch at the top for expansion. Put lid on and place sticks into molds. Freeze over night or until frozen. To free the ice pops from their molds, dip the frozen molds in a bowl of warm water until the ice pops loosen then enjoy!

Check out  the fun she had!!

What fun she had sharing what she made with her cousin ! They ate them up

Laina said, that those were the healthiest popsicles in the world!! Gotta love em!!


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Have  Fun!!!


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Wolfberry Coleslaw And Turkey Burgers

After working in  my garden I wanted something lite and healthy for dinner.I went to my new Healthy Cooking Body Mind And Soul  cookbook and put these together. Yum!!!



image image

Quick and easy and full of flavor.My husband, son, and grand daughter  loved it. I replaced the sun flower seeds with walnuts  In the Wolfberry Coleslaw I had those on hand .With any recipe you can make it your own. Here are a few pictures of my dinner!

Love all the colors!!! Oh and it was my first time to try Jicama. Reminded me of a potato !


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Dried Wolfberries  are a sought after super fruit that fortifies and replenishes and making them a great snack

Essential Oils :

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Basil Essential  Oil :

Lemon Essential Oil :

Orange Essential Oil :

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Have a great week !