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After Math Of Hurricane Harvey And Irma!

I live in Texas and have seen my share of hurricanes, tornado’s, and floods. Hurricane Harvey was one of the worse I had ever seen or been in.

Watching the news and seeing the devastation was almost surreal and my heart was sadden by the loss of life and  property.




My cousin and her husband were one of the many victims of Harvey’s wrath. They worked fast to get out but, the water was coming fast. By night fall everyone one in their neighborhood was told to go. I was worried sick because I was expecting them at my house. Yes I’m a worry wart!! They were ok but could not  leave due to  water rushing over the bridges. Well they spent the night in their truck!! I got her text the next morning and said we are on our way!! I was a happy cousin!

I was busy cooking and cleaning getting ready for whatever I needed to do next.

As soon as the water receded, me and my hubby loaded up and headed out to help them get  things out of the house. We spent the day tearing out floors, sheet rock walls, and trying to find items that we could save. It looked like a war zone everywhere we went. I was thanking god we had been spared from the flood waters and never lost power the whole time Harvey was leaving his path of destruction.

My cousin recently became a member with Young Living Essential Oils. While cleaning up I found her new premium starter kit that went under water. I took it outside placed it on the tailgate of the truck and looked it over.The box was soaked.The oils were ok.

Here is her kit :

I wanted to do more, volunteer, something!! I saw a post on Facebook from the Gary Young Foundation. I saw a link to volunteer! I put my name in and waited for someone to contact me. I got the call and me and my husband went to their orientation. We wanted to see what we could do to help.

My husband being in construction knew he could be a big help. What could I do? Yes I can help put care packages together.

Wow I have never felt so much love as I did the day I showed up to help. The work was hard but very rewarding. The Gary Young Foundation sent an 18 wheeler full of products to share with members and non members. I felt so blessed to be apart of their generosity.  I met some awesome ladies, men , and their children. Wow Is all I could say the whole day!! We rocked it out that day!

The blessings are abundant!!! I love this company I have been with for over 20yrs!!

Here are a few pictures of our day

The generosity is amazing!!! ! I look forward to going back this week!!

Their next stop is Florida!! If you want to volunteer contact

They would love to see you!

You don’t have to be a member, if your not follow my link below

Check me out on

Much Love And Blessings,






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