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After Math Of Hurricane Harvey And Irma!

I live in Texas and have seen my share of hurricanes, tornado’s, and floods. Hurricane Harvey was one of the worse I had ever seen or been in.

Watching the news and seeing the devastation was almost surreal and my heart was sadden by the loss of life and  property.




My cousin and her husband were one of the many victims of Harvey’s wrath. They worked fast to get out but, the water was coming fast. By night fall everyone one in their neighborhood was told to go. I was worried sick because I was expecting them at my house. Yes I’m a worry wart!! They were ok but could not  leave due to  water rushing over the bridges. Well they spent the night in their truck!! I got her text the next morning and said we are on our way!! I was a happy cousin!

I was busy cooking and cleaning getting ready for whatever I needed to do next.

As soon as the water receded, me and my hubby loaded up and headed out to help them get  things out of the house. We spent the day tearing out floors, sheet rock walls, and trying to find items that we could save. It looked like a war zone everywhere we went. I was thanking god we had been spared from the flood waters and never lost power the whole time Harvey was leaving his path of destruction.

My cousin recently became a member with Young Living Essential Oils. While cleaning up I found her new premium starter kit that went under water. I took it outside placed it on the tailgate of the truck and looked it over.The box was soaked.The oils were ok.

Here is her kit :

I wanted to do more, volunteer, something!! I saw a post on Facebook from the Gary Young Foundation. I saw a link to volunteer! I put my name in and waited for someone to contact me. I got the call and me and my husband went to their orientation. We wanted to see what we could do to help.

My husband being in construction knew he could be a big help. What could I do? Yes I can help put care packages together.

Wow I have never felt so much love as I did the day I showed up to help. The work was hard but very rewarding. The Gary Young Foundation sent an 18 wheeler full of products to share with members and non members. I felt so blessed to be apart of their generosity.  I met some awesome ladies, men , and their children. Wow Is all I could say the whole day!! We rocked it out that day!

The blessings are abundant!!! I love this company I have been with for over 20yrs!!

Here are a few pictures of our day

The generosity is amazing!!! ! I look forward to going back this week!!

Their next stop is Florida!! If you want to volunteer contact

They would love to see you!

You don’t have to be a member, if your not follow my link below

Check me out on

Much Love And Blessings,





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Introducing the New Products From Young Living!

I am so excited to share with you the new products that were introduced at the 2017  Young Living Grand Convention!!



Check out Savvy Minerals Make Up!! I cant wait to get these!

I think my favorite of the new products is the Seedling Line…having new grand babies, I am super excited to share these with them, the chemical free products designed for them


Here are a few more additional products :


I know you will see something you like!!! I did and I can’t wait to get mine!!!

You can get these awesome products 2 ways : Sign up wholesale with a Premium Starter Kit and start saving 24% for life, or sign up retail !

Here is my website :

Go check it out! It has a virtual catalog, videos, product information, and much more!

If you see products out of stock… be sure to check back. Have any questions feel free to ask!

Wellness, Abundance, And Purpose,



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Game Changing Time

WOW!!!! These books have been a game changer!

This wonderful lady is an inspiration. Her name is Sarah Harnisch.

Her story is about her struggles, being in debt ,raising children, etc. I don’t know about you but a lot of us in this world have the same stress.

I was introduced to these amazing books about 2 months ago. I could not put them down.

Young Living Essential oils has risen to be the largest Network Marketing  Essential Oil company in the world. I’m talking billions!!

I am so honored  to be a part of it.

When I became a Young Living member over 20 years ago, I didn’t really have the tools to work it as a business. I was  young and still raising a family.

Now we have tools to build an endless business.

I am building my business now! It is never too late to have a DREAM  and run with it.

Would you like more information on how you can have your own home based business?

Like to have more freedom? No boss?

The first thing you do is order your Premium Starter Kit.

What I love about this,  it is over a $300 value starting at only $160. It is HALF OFF!!!

Then you set up your Essential Rewards. I know I have mentioned this before, and I love having this option.

You can choose what you want each and every month. Discount shipping is always included!

Earn points every month towards FREE products!

To be a business builder, and get a check,  you will have to spend only $100 a month personal volume(pv),  which is tax deductible.

This where the Auto ship (Essential Rewards) comes in.


To start building your business, start with your family and friends.

Just sign up 2  people and teach them to sign up 2 people and your off and running. As Sarah always says “RINSE” And “REPEAT!!”

When you sign up, email me your address and I will send you a copy of Sarah’s mini book” Your Gameplan” FOR FREE!

Here is my email :

I would love to help you get started building  your business.

Below is the new 2017  virtual Young Living Catalog.


Young Living has over 400 products and more to come!

You can sign up through

My Enroller and Sponsor member number is 17911       

Or through my website

Please call me so I can help you with the sign up process and we will start to build your YL business.

My phone # is 832-457-1091

Young Living is The World Leader In Essential Oils

With the SEED to SEAL!


Please share this blog with your family and friends. I look forward to hearing from you.

Wellness,Purpose, and Abundance,




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Chemical Free Home With Young Living Essential Oils Thieves Products!

I was scrolling through social media and all I see are all of these news feeds talking about how toxic products are.

From shampoo, tooth paste, deodorant, bath soaps, laundry soap, dishwasher soap, liquid soaps, Baby Products…and the list goes on.

I can tell you that me and my husband have been working to get rid of these toxic chemicals from our home. Having grand children has made us more aware of what we have been putting on us and on them as well.

Have you ever read the ingredients on the back of products you use? I don’t know about you but, I don’t what the heck all that jibberish is!

It makes me think that if I can’t pronounce it then maybe I shouldn’t be using it!

The link below is an eye opener

I do have a way for you to get to started on your way to a chemical free lifestyle!!! Want to know?

I love The Thieves Premium Start Kit. It is a great way to get started on your chemical free lifestyle.


Item No. 5466

Here is what is what is included in the Thieves Premium Start Kit :

  • (1) Basic Starter Kit
  • (1) 15- ml. Thieves
  • (1) Thieves AromaBright™ Toothpaste
  • (1) Thieves Fresh Essense Plus Mouthwash
  • (2) Thieves Cleaner
  • (2) Thieves Foaming Hand Soap
  • (2) Thieves Spray
  • (2) Thieves Waterless Hand Purifier

Here is a great way to never run out of your favorite oils and oil-infused products.

The Essential Rewards Program:

Get your order automatically every month by enrolling in Essential Rewards, Young Living’s autoship program!

You can earn points towards FREE  products, receive discounted shipping, and customize your order each month.

Get exclusive rewards with many perks and bonuses.

Look what we have for the little ones in your family!

And don’t forget about your fur babies!!

See there is something for everyone!

Follow my link to start your Chemical free home
Wellness,Purpose,& Abundance,