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Natural Kids Care


KidScents Shampoo : Contains no synthetic perfumes,colors,or toxic ingredients.The natural

components in the shampoo- aloe,MSM,Chamomile,and Tangerine and Lemon essential oils-

effectively and gently cleanse without causing irritation

Item No.3686 7.2 fl.oz  Wholesale $ 16.00 Retail $ $ 21.05

KidScents Bath Gel :Is safe,gentle soap that cleanses and protects sensitive skin.Formulated

with MSM,aloe vera,antioxidants ,and pure Lemon,Cedarwood,and other essential oils,

this liquid soap is PH balanced for children’s skin

Item No. 3684 8 fl.oz Wholesale $ 15.75 Retail $20.72

KidScents Lotion: Contains safe,gentle ingredients to moisturize and soften sensitive skin.

The premium blend of MSM .shea butter,aloe vera,and pure Cedarwood,Geranium,and other

essential oils supports healthy-looking skin for children all ages

Item No.3682 8oz. Wholesale $ 21.75 Retail $ 28.62

My grand daughter loves her KidScents products!







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July’s Exclusive Rewards 2015


With July’s Exclusive Rewards!



will help you feel refreshed everyday

With benefits of pure essential oils.

Peppermint,Lemongrass,and Rosemary oil uplift and energize the body and mind,while Juniper purifies and cleanses the skin

Item # 3745 8fl.oz.

AROMA SIEZ 5-ML   Essential oil blend

A key Young Living blend,combines the soothing and relaxing properties of LAVENDER and PEPPERMINT

HOW TO USE: Dilute with V6 Vegetable Oil Complex to apply topically

Item No. 3309

RAVINTSARA 5-ML  Essential oil blend

Ravintsara has a pleasant,clean scent,is commonly used in meditation;and contains cleansing and purifying properties

HOW TO USE:Diffuse,directly inhale,or dilute with V6 Vegetable Oil Complex and apply topically

Item No.3620

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